In the realm of metaphysical exploration, few concepts evoke as much fascination as that of "water doors." These enigmatic portals have been a subject of interest for seekers of ancient wisdom and those curious about the mysteries of the universe. Sevan's explanation delves into the profound notion of water doors, conceptualizing them as passages between different cosmic realms. In this blog, we'll embark on a journey to understand the essence of water doors and their significance in the tapestry of existence.

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Understanding Water Doors

Water doors, according to Sevan Bromar's interpretation, represent metaphysical gateways that facilitate a transition between distinct cosmic realms. These realms are thought to be planes of existence that exist parallel to our own, often inaccessible by conventional means. Much like the legendary Stargates depicted in science fiction, water doors are envisioned as conduits that enable beings to traverse between these diverse domains.

Comparisons with Stargate

The parallel drawn between water doors and Stargates is both intriguing and illuminating. In the popular science fiction series "Stargate," gates are ancient devices capable of creating wormholes, allowing instantaneous travel between distant points in the universe. Similarly, water doors serve as conduits for beings to cross the boundaries of their current reality into other cosmic planes.

Water Doors as Cosmic Bridges

This explanation of water doors offers a perspective that transcends conventional understanding. These metaphysical constructs are seen as more than just portals; they are envisioned as bridges that connect beings to higher dimensions, alternate realities, and states of consciousness. Through the metaphor of water, which symbolizes flow, adaptability, and transformation, water doors embody the fluidity of existence itself.

“Water doors embody the ceaseless dance of transformation in the tapestry of existence—a fluid reminder that change is the heartbeat of the cosmos. Across civilizations, water has been revered as the threshold to the spiritual, encapsulating the essence of transition and rebirth."”

Water Doors: Symbol of Fluidity in Existence

The concept of water doors is a profound metaphor for the journey of the soul through the cosmos. It symbolizes the fluidity of existence, the constant change and transformation inherent in the nature of reality. Various ancient cultures, from the Egyptians to the Hindus, perceived water as a gateway to the spiritual and symbolic of transition.


Water Doors: Bridging Physical & Metaphysical Realms

Water doors bridge the physical and metaphysical realms, a reflection of the unconscious depths within each of us. They represent passages from one state of being to another, guiding us through profound transformations. Just as water is formless and ever-changing, so too must we adapt and flow with the spiritual currents. 


Water: Symbol of Primordial Existence

Water holds profound symbolic significance across spiritual traditions. It is seen as the primordial element, the mother of all things, echoing through ancient philosophies and texts. This symbolism extends to the feminine divine, representing nurturing, creation, and the womb-like embrace of existence.



The Great Mother and Water: A Universal Connection

The symbolism of water is deeply intertwined with the concept of the Great Mother in various mythologies. The undifferentiated state of the infant in the womb, a state of unity with the mother, serves as a powerful psychological archetype, resonating through cultures and epochs. Water mirrors this primordial unity and the enduring power of the feminine principle. Water as Archetype: Journey from Womb to Self-Realization Water, as an archetype, symbolizes the unconscious, a realm of formlessness and potentiality. It reminds us of our origins in the womb and our ongoing journey toward self-realization. Like the alchemical process of distillation, water represents the extraction, purification, and reintegration of our essence.


Love as Water: Feminine Divine and Life-Giving Force

The concept of love as water embodies the nurturing, healing, and transformative power of the feminine divine. It is akin to the life-giving properties of water, essential for the continuity and evolution of life. This understanding transcends cultures, reflecting universal truths about existence and the human condition.


Water Doors and Human Vessel: Portals of Life Force

The human body as a vessel of water serves as a powerful metaphor for the essence of our existence. Water doors become gateways for the life force to flow into and out of our beings. This concept, rooted in ancient wisdom, illuminates the interplay between our physical form and the subtle energies of the universe.



Risks and Rewards of Crossing Water Doors

Crossing these metaphysical water doors is akin to a heroic journey through the Duat, the realm of the dead. It is a journey fraught with challenges and trials, yet brimming with revelations and spiritual growth. The risks include the potential for altered state addiction and the physical and energetic demands. However, the rewards are profound spiritual insights and a deeper understanding of existence.


Practical Application in Daily Life

Practically applying the concept of water doors involves a daily commitment to spiritual practices, a willingness to explore the unknown, and the discernment to form beneficial spiritual partnerships. It is a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and evolution that ultimately leads to a profound change in one's being.


Navigating the Waters of Existence

Water doors beckon us to contemplate the profound interconnectedness of all realms of existence. They symbolize the journey of the soul, the flow of divine grace, and the potential for spiritual transformation. Whether viewed as a metaphor or a literal phenomenon, the concept of water doors encourages us to expand our understanding of reality and embrace the boundless possibilities that lie beyond the surface.


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